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Jr. Aguaytia
Pucallpa, Ucayali


This beautiful disc, called Onáyaboan Bewá - Messages from Mother Earth', features eleven traditional icaros by eleven Shipibo healers. It was executively produced by Dr Paul Roberts, Intercultural Education Director of Alianza Arkana.

The disc has a very high quality sound recording and was produced by Resurrector of Liberation Movement and Heavyweight Dub Champion.

Listen to and purchase this authentic music from the Peruvian Amazon for only $15 USD  here.

20% of the sales of this music go to Alianza Arkana and the remaining sales are divided equally between the eleven Shipibo healers featured.


We are also working with an Australian music producer Yuin Huzami to help fund a series of positive initiatives in Shipibo communities. Yuin has worked alongside and studied under many Shipibo healers for the past 4 years and continues to work on new projects based in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

We invite you to support this work by buying the Jakon Shama (Good Spirits) CD, an upbeat and heart-felt music project featuring a modern infusion of traditional medicine songs from 8 remarkable Shipibo healers.

Purchase this wonderful music for only $20 USD by visiting the Jakon Shama Good Spirit page.

Half of all proceeds from the sale of the album will be divided between Alianza Arkana to fund specific projects related to traditional knowledge and the Shipibo healers who feature on it.