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Jr. Aguaytia
Pucallpa, Ucayali

Hacedora de Sueños 1.jpg

Paintings by Graciela Arias

Graciela Arias is one of the leading and most original visionary artists in Peru whose reputation is constantly growing. In 2012, she won second prize for leading contemporary Amazonian art. She has exhibited in Lima, Cusco, Spain and Finland. Her most recent exhibition in Miraflores, Lima called 'Hacedora de Sueños' (maker of dreams) sold all of her artwork.

Alfredo Villar, curator of this latest exhibition, said

¨Graciela's work has gone beyond the common representations of commercial visionary art, finding its roots in local craftwork and mythology, revitalizing ancient themes without turnng them into exotic objects or just products for tourists.

Graciela shares the dreams of native Amazonian women who everyday are producing beautiful craftworks in order to survive. This is a very delicate and undervalued form of labor, which acquires new power, forms and nuances in Graciela's artwork. Popular art in her hands brings back the magic of the Amazon and we see it again as it for the first time."

We are very fortunate to still have one of her large artworks available for sale. The other painting, which was featured on this site, has now been sold.