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Jr. Aguaytia
Pucallpa, Ucayali

Isla de Protección, Florentina # 1

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Isla de Protección, Florentina # 1


Isla de Protección, Florentina # 1


The title of this piece 'Isla de Protección' means island of protection in English. For the Shipibo, protection against malos espíritus (bad spirits) is very important and this would be a good piece to buy to give your home an extra protection, as well as making a beautiful wall-hanging.

The central design shows the chakruna plant, surrounded by two boas that are its guardians/protectors.

The chakruna plant is also shown in two of the four outer quadrants. The other two outer quadrants represent the traditional maya kené designs.

The Shipibo designs are traditionally carried out on natural un-dyed cotton (which they often grow themselves) or on cotton dyed in mahogany bark (usually three or four times) which gives the distinctive brown colour. They paint either using a pointed piece of chonta (bamboo) or an iron nail with the juice of the crushed Huito (Genipa americana) berry fruits which turns into a blue- brown-black dye once exposed to air.

Each of the designs are unique, even the very small pieces, and they cannot be commercially or mass produced. 

Handmade by Shipibo women

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Dimensions: 1.53X0.74m

Hand wash, cold

Use mild detergent only

Do not dry in the sun (colour could fade)

Do Not Tumble Dry

Cool Iron